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Menambah Asset Material pada Library

Untuk menambah Asset pada Library:

Buka Material Editor
Pada Name Pilih Asset Appearence

Klik kanan dan pilih Duplicate
Jika Asset tersebut tidak digunakan pada mama-mana Material. Massage berikut timbul
Pada Asset ubah Nama kepada Nama baru

Penggunaan Material Pada Revit 2013

Revit 2013 memperkenalkan paparan baru berkaitan Material yang melibatkan beberapa Dialog Box. Untuk mendapatkan material, dari Ribbon:

Manage Tab > Settings Panel > Material

Dialog box yang melibatkan Material:
  • Material Browser
  • Material Editor
  • Asset Browser

Selain itu  ia memperkenalkan beberapa terma Asset data yang melibatkan:

  • Graphics
  • Appearance 
  • Physical 
  • Thermal
Revit 2013 juga telah memperkenaklan Libraries yang boleh di-save dengan fail extension .asdklib.

Penggunaan Asset boleh di-share. Bermakna Asset tersebut boleh digunasama dengan beberapa material yang lain. Sukar untuk menentukan Material mana menggunakan Asset yang sama. Walaubagaimanapun hanya Asset yang digunasama sahaja boleh di-duplicate. Untuk mengatasi perkara tersebut Duplicate material supaya Asset tersebut terdapat pada Material Asal, seterusnya duplicate Asset tersebut pada Material Editor atau Asset Browser. Oleh yang demikian jangan sewenang-wenang merubah Asset tersebut tanpa menggunakan Duplicate dan Rename.

Asset Browser hanya boleh dibuka melalui Material Editor dialog box.

Adalah didapati Material Library yang terdapat di Material Browser dan Asset Browser adalah berbeza, walaupun berasal dari fail yang sama. Ini adalah kerana Library pada Material Browser memaparkan Material manakala pada Asset Browser hanya memaparkan Asset yang berkaitan dengan Material tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun Asset boleh ditambah pada Asset Browser. Update dan Save Library tersebut pada fail adalah Automatik.

Mengenai Butang OK, Cancel dan Apply pada Material Browser,
Butang OK adalah untuk Save dan Keluar dari men-edit Material.
Butang Cancel adalah untuk membatalkan perubahan yang dilakukan.
Butang Apply adalah Save dan kekal dalam Material

Buku - Interior Design Using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013.

Khamis, 17 Mei 2012

Revit Essential Skills Videos AutodeskBuilding

Revit Essential Skills Videos AutodeskBuilding: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6B66E9728B6A60D7

Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Parameters: Family vs. Project vs.Shared Family vs. Shared Project

Parameters: Family vs. Project vs.Shared Family vs. Shared Project http://whosafraidofthebigbadbim.blogspot.com/2012/05/parameters-family-vs-project-vsshared.html

Sabtu, 5 Mei 2012

Mendapatkan Maklumat (Project Parameters) pada Jadual (Schedule).

Adakah cara untuk mendapatkan maklumat (perameter) pada Project Information ke dalam jadual (Schedule) ?

Kaedahnya pada Schedule Properties Dialog Box 
Pada Fields Tab
Tick pada Include element in linked files

Kemudian Lihat pada Select available fields from:

anda akan dapati Project Information tersenarai dalam fields 

Accessing Project Parameters in Multiple Schedules (Jay Polding) 


FREE video tutorials for Revit Architecture 2011

Philipp Mueller, an Autodesk Student Expert at the Technical University Graz in Austria and some of his friends, have put together a series of free Revit Architecture 2011 Video Tutorials in English, organized in 3 sections. These have been published on the Autodesk Education Youtube Channel. Thanks for sharing!

Revit Advanced Conceptual Massing - Diagrid & Gradation

Autodesk Revit MEP Family Creation Basics Video 1

Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Workset Posts Summary

Penggunaan workset membolehkan satu pasukan bekerja pada satu fail dalam satu masa secara kolaborasi. Tetapi pengguaannya boleh dikatakan kompleks. Disini Revit OpEd telah menyenaraikan Isu-isu mengenai penggunaan workset:


Jumaat, 6 April 2012

Webinar: Performance Based Design - The Energy Modeling Process

Reduce Precision of AutoCAD file for insertion into Revit (too many decimals!) and it has some wacky or imprecise units (like the distance between two walls is 8250.092234897). What you need to do is reduce the precision, such that all the decimal points get 'chopped off'. To do this: Open the offending DWG in AutoCAD. 'Save As' and choose a DXF format. Go to Tools menu - Options (see below) Choose DXF Options, ASCII Format and set the 'Decimal Places of Accuracy' to the desired value (choosing 0 will remove all decimal places): Hit Save. I recommend that you now open the DXF file you saved, and then resave it as a DWG file. Now you can insert your file into Revit, and you won't have to deal with imprecise units. Please note that this process may result in some 'rounding off' of values - you may want to double check the resulting file. I found this process at the following link: Forum Link RELATED POSTS AutoCAD (R) 2012 x64 Service Pack 1 Convert HPGL PLT files to DXF or DWG Sketchup tools - DWG import / export, OBJ importer, IFC impo... Sketchup to Revit with Materials Clean up your DWGs before Linking them Linked DWG Error - file doesn't exist? Forum links and fix ... Posted by Luke Johnson at Thursday, February 11, 2010 Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Labels: autocad, dwg, dxf, insert, precision, units 0 comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) FOLLOW BY EMAIL


Let's say you have AutoCAD file of unknown origin, and it has some wacky or imprecise units (like the distance between two walls is 8250.092234897). What you need to do is reduce the precision, such that all the decimal points get 'chopped off'....

Just How Accurate is 123D Catch?

Do you remember Autodesk Lab's Project PhotoFly? Well, it has recently graduated into 123D Catch. And it's still free!
The idea behind it is that you can use a digital camera to take pictures of something, load it into this software, and it uses all sorts of black magic and cloud computing to convert these pictures into a real honest to goodness 3D mesh with texture. I used the Labs version to take pictures of a small statue on a co-worker's desk using just the camera on my cell phone and the results were astonishing. You can then take a known dimension on the object to convert it into something that has real size and scale.
But just how accurate is the resulting model? A model generated from nothing more than digital photos.
Well, to help answer that question I thought I'd pass along an article that I recently ran across:

[Asset Creation] Autodesk 123d Catch - pt.1

123D Catch - Create your first project

Project Photofly to 3DS MAX or Navisworks

Using Photofly with Revit and Vasari

Using Photofly with Revit and Vasari

So first lest start with what Photofly is: It is basically the merging of point clouds and photogrammetry. What it does is take a set of photographs of a building and stitches them together in 3D space and figures out the camera locations for each image. Once it does that, it can be used to create a 3D model of the building that is usually accurate enough for basic conceptual design and analysis related to sustainability and engineering. The heavy processing for all of this is done in the cloud and what you install is a small application to view and edit the results of Photofly. You can output the results to a number of file formats that could then be imported into AutoCADRevitVasari3ds Max among others.

Autodesk 2013 Product Launch Part 1 of 6 - Main Keynote, 27 Mar 2012

Autodesk Media Summit, 2013 Solutions for Construction Professionals

Autodesk Media Summit -- 2013 Solutions for Building Design Professionals

Photofly - PhotoShootingGuideLines_Feb2011

Autodesk Labs Project Photofly

Ahad, 25 Mac 2012

BIM Roundtable Discussion

The NBS BIM Research Report found an industry awash with different opinions on what BIM actually is, and what change it could mean for the architecture and construction industries. Following the release of these findings, NBS quickly gathered some key voices and leading industry commentators, including Paul Morrell OBE, around a table to discuss how BIM will impact the construction sector, and how this will lead to a very different, increasingly collaborative approach to building design and management. Watch the discussions and interviews with the contributors now.



What is BSD LinkMan-E?

Welcome to a new world where your specifications automatically integrate with a BIM created in Autodesk Revit. Building Systems Design, Inc., proudly introduces BSD LinkMan-E.

What is BSD LinkMan-E?


Rabu, 21 Mac 2012

Ask Amy Videos

Amy Fietkau, Autodesk Technical Specialist for Architecture, provides videos that answer your Revit questions.


Isnin, 19 Mac 2012

Revit Clinic Screen Cast


Working Offsite and Offline



Revit Restoring Backup Files - Central Files - CADtech Seminars.com

Revit Cental Files - Moving Cental Files - CADtech Seminars

Autodesk Revit MEP Central and Local Files


Easy Revit (2011) -1.1 - Create a New Central Model

Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorial - Creating the First Local File

Revit 2012 - Worksharing using Dropbox.mp4

Revit 2012 - Worksharing.mp4

Kenapa Lukis di tingkat satu tapi timbul di tingkat 2

Semasa menyediakan pelan siling di tingkat satu, di project browser menunjukkan Ceiling Plan - Tingkat 1. Tetapi setelah siling dilukis tiada siling dapat dilihat. Setelah disemak dengan melihat Section, Komponen siling terbentuk ditingkat 2. Bagaimana ia boleh berlaku begitu. Setelah menyemak kepada lukisan tersebut beberapa tempat tidak dapat penyelesaian, akhirnya cuba dilihat setting Set Work Plane adalah di tingkat 2. Dengan mengubah Working Work Plane kepada Tingkat 1, Setting View tersebut dapat diperbetulkan.

Sabtu, 17 Mac 2012

The Revit Kid Visibility Parameter Revit Tutorial


Parameter Grouping: Revit OpEd http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2012/01/parameter-grouping.html

Autodesk Navisworks 2012 New Features

Autodesk Navisworks 2012 New Features from CADD Microsystems on Vimeo.

Revit Architecture 2012 New Features Webinar

Revit Architecture 2012 New Features Webinar from CADD Microsystems on Vimeo.

BIM Movie

BIM Movie from MBMO on Vimeo.

The Bach: RTC 3ds Max with mental ray presentation

The Bach: RTC 3ds Max with mental ray presentation from Dan Jurgens on Vimeo.

The Bach: RTC Revit presentation

The Bach: RTC Revit presentation from Dan Jurgens on Vimeo.

revit modeling introduction

revit modeling introduction from deprocess.org on Vimeo.

revit view templates

revit view templates from deprocess.org on Vimeo.

revit family types introduction

revit family types introduction from deprocess.org on Vimeo.

Revit Schedules

Revit Schedules from Calvin Mensonides on Vimeo.

Beginner's Guide to Revit, Part 2: BIM Worksharing

Beginner's Guide to Revit, Part 2: BIM Worksharing from James Vandezande on Vimeo.

AU2009 Revit API Examples

AU2009 Revit API Examples from Jason Grant on Vimeo.

Revit Architecture 2012 on Vimeo

Revit Architecture 2012 on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/search/videos/search:revit%20%20architecture%202012/st/0609fbc2 Revit Families: http://vimeo.com/search/videos/search:revit%20families/st/d8f8f7bd

Nested Symbol with a Plan Symbol Offset

Nested Symbol with a Plan Symbol Offset from Jose Fandos on Vimeo.

Masking Regions & Symbolic Lines

Un-masking Masking Regions from Jose Fandos on Vimeo.

Creating Parametric Families in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011

Creating Parametric
Families in Autodesk
Revit Architecture 2011- dccadd


Schedule Anything with Autodesk ® Revit

 Schedule Anything with Autodesk ®  Revit


Revit Room Schedule to Compare Actual versus Program Area

Revit Room Schedule to Compare Actual versus Program Area: 


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Revit Parameters

Revit Parameters

Footing - Revit OpEd


Revit Video Tutorial - Titukutty

Please visit:

What is an API?

Family Reference

Revit OpEd

Revit - Families Nested and Shared

Doing Note and Annotations Using Keynotes And Grouping Text

Easy Way To Use Shared Parameters

Looking for Missing Items in Revit

Looking for Missing Items in Revit

Ceilings: An introduction to Revit Ceilings

Ceilings: An introduction to Revit Ceilings
-Revit Zone

Khamis, 15 Mac 2012

Tools for Troubleshooting Unexpected Behavior in Revit

Tools for Troubleshooting Unexpected Behavior in Revit


Model Accidents

Model Accidents


How To Measure Egress Travel Distance

How To Measure Egress Travel Distance -AUGI

Two Pick Family to Calculate Fire Exit Distance

- Wikihelp

Measuring Exiting Distance

- Revitdialog

Revit Memory Usage and Performance

Revit Memory Usage and Performance

Feb 2012: Revit MEP Best Practices with Alan Jackson

Feb 2012: Revit MEP Best Practices with Alan Jackson


Familiy Editor Tips

Familiy Editor Tips

Inside the Factory:

It is all in the clicks

It is all in the clicks

The Revit Convert


Rabu, 14 Mac 2012

Best Practices with Revit Groups: Rule #1

Best Practices with Revit Groups: Rule #1

Revit 2012 Family Standards and Best Practices


Revit Best Practice:

Revit Best Practice:

Best Practices for Revit® Model Management - dccadd

Revit Best Practices (RBP) - View Naming - AUGI

Best Practice - Faster Revit - Revit in Motion

Best Practices for Autodesk Revit Parametric Components (Families) - Revit MEP

Best Practices for Large Projects in Revit -Revitize

Some Revit Architecture Modeling Best Practices - Revit 4 u

Best Practices For Revit

Isnin, 5 Mac 2012

Using Worksets to Help Improve Large Model Performance in Revit

Using Worksets to Help Improve Large Model Performance in Revit
Christopher Alexander

Technical Consultant, CAD Technology Center, Inc.


Type versus Instance Parameters in Revit: When to Use What?

Type versus Instance Parameters in Revit: When to Use What?
Shawn C. Zirbes

CAD Technology Center, Integrated Content Solutions


Using Shared Parameters in Autodesk Revit

Using Shared Parameters in Autodesk Revit:
Dan Stine, CSI, CDT

Registered Architect and Author


Revit Architecture 2012

Revit Architecture 2012

Form AECbytes:

From autodesk-Revit:

BIM Bill of Materials

Components to Schedules, Part 1, Alignment and Dimensions, Furniture

Proses menggunakan Parameter dan View Template

Proses menggunakan Parameter, Filter dan View Template:

1) Sediakan Project Parameter
  • Gunakan On/Off parameter
  • Gunakan Instance
  • Pilih parameter category
  • OK
2) Sediakan Filter
  • Namakan Filter dengan rename
  • Pilih category untuk dilaksanakan (sama seperti parameter)
  • Pilih parameter yang baru dibuat
3) Sediakan View Template dan guna Filter
  • Laksanakan Visibility Graphic yang sesuai 
4) Pada Project Browser copy dan rename View untuk meujudkan View yang dikehendaki.

5) Laksanakan View pada View Windows

6) Pada Object properties ubah perameter yang dikehendaki.

Webinar 7 - Family Creation

Creating Slanted Walls

Revit 2011 - truss

back to basics: making a parametric cube

Revit 2010 Intermediate; Material Editing

17-Adding a Masking Area.wmv

Revit Export practices for Navisworks

5 Reasons to Consider Autodesk Navisworks - Part 4.wmv

revit to navisworks

Revit Series

Atikel-atikel mengenai revit boleh dicapai disini:

Revit to Navisworks for Clash Detection

Revit ke Navisworks:


Revit to Navisworks

Sabtu, 3 Mac 2012

Modular Design Using Revit

Penggunaan Rekabentuk Modular menggunakan kaedah "Modular Coordination" boleh mendapatkan proses rekabentuk yang efektif. Sehingga kini saya belum jumpa lagi kaedah  yang berkesan menggunakan kaedah ini. Kaedah yang ketara adalah kombinasi penggunaan fungsi GROUP, COMPONENT, ASSEMBLY, PARTS dan LINK. Adakah lagi fungsi yang berkesan untuk mencapai rekabentuk modular?
Antara rujukan mengenai rekabentuk Modular atau Modular Construction:

Khamis, 1 Mac 2012

Manipulating Project Browser by Building ID in Revit

Revit Shared Parameters Management Tools

Easy Way To Use Shared Parameters

Revit Architecture: Rotate Project North and Move Origin

Revit - Elevation alignment

Autodesk Revit Architecture: Controlling Visibility of Datums

Revit MEP HVAC Families - Diffusers and Tags

Revit Architecture - Modeling Custom Components - Part 1

Revit Family Pre-Basics Video - Autodesk's BIG Family "Seekret"

Autodesk Revit: Creating and Documenting Assemblies

OMA: On Speed in Architecture (Full Length)

Top 5 Ways Your Project Will Benefit From BIM Execution Planning

Award Winning BIM: Lessons Learned and a Case Study of 2011 AIA BIM Award Winner Chicago Fed. Center

BIM in the Design Process Seminar

BIM for Construction Utilizing Autodesk 2012 Design Tools

Preconstruction Modeling with BIM

The Business Value of BIM

How to hide things in Revit 2011 with ease

Revit Architecture 2011 - Using Temporary Dimensions

Advanced Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Dimensions

Revit Architecture 2012 - Tutorial 10

Revit Architecture 2012: Dimension Enhancements

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Revit learning 44 Working with railings -- www.max-3dmodels-free.blogspot.com

Invited Speaker, Kimon Onuma - GeoWeb 2008

Intelligent vs Unintelligent Modeling

John Stebbins on BIM for Contractors

John Stebbins on BIM For Architects

Resources on BIM

John Stebbins on Emerging Trends in BIM

Memory Usage

Worksharing Problems

Doing Note and Annotations Using Keynotes And Grouping Text

Shared Parameters and Browser organization.wmv

Revit Curtain Panel Material Takeoff (ENG)

Creating Custom Materials And Making Them Parametric

Autodesk Revit Tutorial - Schedules

Revit Pro: Ep009 - New Features for Revit 2012

Tabs and 3D Views.mp4

Making Invisible, Visible.mp4

REVIT - Spiral Stairs

Revit Architecture - Creating Stairs and Ramps

Jumaat, 24 Februari 2012

Revit Collaboration: Then and Now

Bekerjasama menggunakan revit sejak dulu hingga kini, apa perkembangannya?


Baru dalam Navisworks

Baru dalam Naviswork rujuk artikel ini:

Webinar 8 - Advanced Representation

Webinar 1 - Architecture Mindset

3D Callouts

Reference Planes and IsReference

New Features Revit 2012

30 Revit Export FBX for 3ds Max

Revit Architecture - Assigning Materials to an Element


Night Rendering & Artificial Lighting [Revit Architecture 2011]

Khamis, 23 Februari 2012

Penggunaan Workset

Penggunaan workset dalam revit adalah satu perkara yang kurang difahami.
Secara asasnya workset digunakan untuk bekerja serentak dengan menggunakan satu fail.
Tetapi bagaimanakah perlaksanaanya?
Ia mesti ada Central Fail dulu.
Selepas itu membina Local Fail.
Meletakkan komponen kepada workset tertentu
Seterusnya berkerja menggunakan workset

Antara Soalan-soalan yang dilemparkan adalah:
Mestikah ia menggunakan Network?
Bagaimana jika tidak mengunakan network?
Siapa yang mengawal Central File?

Antara rujukan saya menggunakan workset:











Jumaat, 10 Februari 2012

Isu Rendering dalam Revit

Selepas membangunkan model kita ingin melihat, bagaimana pula finish product dengan melakukan render.
Ada dua kehendak render pertama adalah mendapatkan still image kedua adalah untuk mendapatkan animasi. Kedua-duanya mempunyai kehendak dan proses yang berbeza.

Antara isu nya ialah:
Adakah baik di-render dengan menggunakan 3DS Max.
Bagaimana pula penggunaan Movie Editor seperti Movie Maker, Adobe Premire, Camtasia, VirtualDub
Render menggunakan format untuk animasi dengan avi atau jpg dan seterusnya wmv
Codec untuk compression.
Kaedah render yang menjimatkan masa.
Penyediaan model, lighting dan material
Setting render
Keperluan Hardware dan Graphic card

Berikut adalah antara sumber rujukan mengenai rendering yang berkaitan proses, kaedah/amalan terbaik kualiti dan masa penyediaan.